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PLAN 370 Study Guide Bryson, Chapter 8, Establishing an Effective Organizational Vision for the Future Purpose To develop a clear and succinct description of what the organization (or community) should look like as it successfully implements its strategies, achieves its full potential, and creates significant public value. Vision includes mission, but goes well beyond it. Mission outlines the organizational purpose; vision goes on to describe how the organization should look when it is working extremely well in relation to its environment and key stakeholders. Developing visions is more time consuming than formulating mission statements and more difficult. Because so many organizations are coalitional it is useful to think about visions as treaties among rival coalitions. Effective leaders are typically visionary and yet disciplined enough to affirm the vision in the present. [That is one reason why many visions are stated in the present tense in spite of the fact that they describe a desirable future situation.] Bryson believes that it may not be possible to create an effective and compelling vision of success for an organization -- especially the first time through. But he
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StudyGuideBrysonCh8 - PLAN 370 Study Guide Bryson, Chapter...

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