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PLAN 370 Study Guide Bryson, Chapter 7 Formulating and Adopting Strategies and Plans to Manage the Issues Introduction Steps 6 in Strategy Change Cycle Strategy defined: pattern of purposes, policies, programs,…. . that define what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it. Strategies represent an extension of the organization's mission. Strategies form bridges to the environment. Strategies outline organization’s response to fundamental challenges. Strategic issues show where bridges are needed; strategies are the bridges. Strategies can be seen as patterns that transcend policies, decisions, resource allocations, and actions, large and small. General strategies fail without specific steps for implementation. Strategies must be consistent with organization values,…. Strategy defined: an arrangement to achieve the mission, meet the mandates, and create public value. Innovations, including some strategies, are “failures in the middle.” Every organization already has a strategy or strategic plan -- evidences some sort of pattern, some logic-in-action – across its purposes, policies, programs, actions, decisions, and resource allocations. May need to be refined or sharpened or completely replaced to be an effective bridge. Strategy formulation – discovering what is good about existing pattern; revising what is bad; and adding anything new which may be needed. Impact of organization’s culture on strategy formulation.
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StudyGuideBrysonCh7 - PLAN 370 Study Guide Bryson Chapter 7...

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