0926 Lecture Notes

0926 Lecture Notes - Convert non-prospects, how to convince...

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9/26/2007 Agenda  Segmentation o Bases Positioning Bases of segmentation Geo graphic Demographic o EX: Airline industry Different prices  Economy – 1333; Business – 4929; First – 7845 (United Airlines, Newark  to London, Round Trip) Psychographic o Lifestyle, VALS (values and lifestyle) TV program, magazine, movie, etc. o VALS Achievers, strivers, thinkers, believers, experiences, makers, innovators,  survivors o Use zip codes to define who lives there – zip code marketing Buying situations/behavioral o How they use the product, based on product features/functions o The benefits they seek when they buy products o Usage and volume – importance to the company corresponds to usage
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Unformatted text preview: Convert non-prospects, how to convince them? Beer -67% non users – why? What to do? (calories - light) • Positioning o Not what you do to the product, but what you do to the MIND of the prospect o Perceptual map – in the perceptions of consumers *** (sample map from text book) o P&G – position its numerous brands (400+) – a dozen different detergents (each brand has a different positioning, stealing your own customers? Yes, but add more in total) o Owning a word in the prospect’s mind Volvo – safety Domino’s – home delivery Cadillac – luxury? – pick-up trucks and SUVs recently...
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0926 Lecture Notes - Convert non-prospects, how to convince...

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