HLTH-Chapter 4 Notes

HLTH-Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4Violence and Abuse:...

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Chapter 4 - Violence and Abuse: Creating Healthy Environments 2/2/07 Intro Facts: Some violent acts are on the rise while others decline Violence : a set of behaviors that produce injuries as well as the outcomes of these behaviors (the injuries themselves) Intentional injuries : injuries committed with intent to harm Unintentional injuries : injuries committed without intent to harm, often accidentally Violence in the US societal causes: -poverty -unemployment -parental influence -cultural beliefs -cultural beliefs -the media -discrimination/oppression -religious beliefs -political differences -alcohol/drugs -breakdown in the criminal justice system Personal Precipitators of Violence Anger -primary aggression : goal-directed, hostile self-assertion that is destructive in character -reactive aggression : emotional reaction brought about by frustrating life experiences -3 kinds of anger 1. rage: expression of violent uncontrolled anger 2. resentment: anger at person/object which is suppressed 3. indignation: appropriate, controlled, positive type of anger -you know if you have an anger problem get help -about 1/5 of Americans have anger problems -most things that make us angry are out of our control -what we are in control of is our reaction to that event -accept that it is your choice to be angry or not -Anger’s double M M inimize M
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HLTH-Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4Violence and Abuse:...

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