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HLTH-Chapter 10 Notes - Chapter 10Managing Your Weight...

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Chapter 10 - Managing Your Weight: Finding a Healthy Balance 2/9/07 Increasing Obesity 34% of American adults are overweight 31% are obese 500,000 lives lost per year due to obesity increases risk of cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular ailments (ex: strokes), and cancer --- 3 major US killers -also increases risk of diabetes, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallstones and several cancers The right weight for you depends on not necessarily less weight but healthy weight body structure height weight distribution ratio of fat to lean tissue Overweight or Obese? overweight : increased body weight in relation to height when compared to a standard such as height-weight charts -being 1-19% over you ideal weight obese : an excessively high amount of body fat -being over 19% your ideal weight Body Mass Index (BMI) -a measurement of overweight and obesity -34% of all Americans are classified as being overweight using BMI calculations -represents weight levels associated with the overall risk to health body composition : the ratio of lean (structural/functional elements: water, muscle, organs, cells and bones) body mass to fat (essential and storage fat) body mass Too Little Fat? Men- minimum of 3-4% body fat, healthy is 11-15% body fat Women- minimum of 8% body fat (less than 8% causes amenorrhea- disruption of the menstrual cycle), healthy is 18-20% Measurements Waist circumference: Waist-to-hip ratio: Body Fat Measurements Hydrostatic weighing techniques : most accurate method, measure of water
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HLTH-Chapter 10 Notes - Chapter 10Managing Your Weight...

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