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Endocytosis -take something into the cell (Exocytosis-out) Energy -the capacity to do work Work - moving an object 1 st Law of Thermo-you cannon make or destroy energy, there is a set amount of energy in the universe 2 nd law-high quality energy goes to low quality energy (all in presence of enzymes) Entropy -measure of disorder Enzymes -enhance reaction rates by lowering the amount of activation energy required to start a reaction -Don’t make things happen that couldn’t on their own, they just increase the speed -Reactions don’t permanently alter or use up the enzymes, they may work repeatedly -Same enzyme can catalyze both directions of a reversible reaction -Picky about its substrates OSE =sugar ASE=enzyme (subrate+ase) Cofactor -metal ions, facilitate the rearrangements of ions. Active site -work like catalyst, put atoms together or break into smaller parts Life cycle -interphase- mitosis(division of nucleus)-Cytokineses(cell dividing) Interphase- Gap1(G1)-working stage, nerver cell stack here for live, interval of cell growth before DNA
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