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Methods: In order to find out if different seed characteristics would effect the growth of the seed, we had to plant numerous seeds. We planted three different kinds of seeds, corn, white bean, and brown bean. We planted over 50 of each kind and got results for 161. Once the seeds were planted, we left them in the greenhouse for about 3 weeks and waited for them to grow. When three weeks were up, we took the whole plant out of the soil, roots and all. We cut the roots off the shoot and measured the weight of both, roots and shoot.
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Unformatted text preview: Along with the weight, we measured the height of the shoot. Finding the measurements of each individual seed allowed us to see the differences. Results: We were able to conclude that the size of the seed has no significant correlation with how the seed grows. The data that we gathered showed no patterns regarding the size. There were small seeds that had bigger shoots than the bigger seeds’ shoots. There were also very long roots that had short shoots and vice versa....
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