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Meghan Wells PSYC 360-500 914004330 03-25-08 Assessing Coping Strategies It is extremely difficult to get rid of stress in my life. My whole world revolves around stress. I try to cope with different stressors in different ways. For example, when my stress level is almost unbearable I will call one of my friends or my boyfriend. Most of the time all I need is a hug and a shoulder to cry on simply because I’m so stressed out. A lot of the time all I need to do is cry and then I feel a lot better and I am not quite as stressed out. Another way I cope with stress is to stop whatever it is that I am doing, lay down on the bed or couch (whichever is more convenient), and close my eyes for ten or fifteen minutes. I do that just to clear my head so I do not go completely nuts. My coping efforts are usually very successful. I try not to do things that do not work. Whenever my friends or my boyfriend try to give me advice as to how to deal with my stress, I listen with an open mind but nine times out of ten, I have
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