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Meghan Wells PSYC 360-500 914004330 03-25-08 Stress Appraisal Stress is mental or emotional strain or tension. Everyone experiences stress in their lives, some more than others. I get easily stressed out and quite often I might add. For three days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), I monitored my daily events that can and will cause me to be extremely stressed. I kept a log of the events and rated them according to how stressful they were. Some stressors did not occur everyday, while others did (and still do). A lot of the stressors in my life are usually caused by another stressor, more times than not. I started my log on a Monday, so naturally my stress level was higher than it usually is on any other day of the week, depending on the week. My stress level on Mondays is typically higher than on any other day of the week simply because it is Monday. It is the end of the weekend and the beginning of the week and Mondays are never fun. There were some factors that amplified the stressors, and there were
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