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research article summary (psyc 204)

research article summary (psyc 204) - College Method Sample...

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RESEARCH ARTICLE SUMMARY Title: “Sex Differences in Predictions of College Grades from Scholastic Aptitude Test Scores” Author: Lawrence J. Stricker, Donald A. Rock, Nancy W. Burton Journal: Journal of Educational Psychology Year, Volume, Issue #: December 1993; Vol. 85; Issue # 4 Page Numbers: 710-718 DVs: Predictions of College Grades IVS: SAT scores 4351 students (2318 women, 2033 men); full time freshmen enrolled in 7 undergrad schools (3 Liberal Arts Colleges A, B, C; 4 professional schools- Arts College, Engineering College, Environmental Sciences College, and Pharmacy
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Unformatted text preview: College) Method: Sample, grade criteria, SAT scores & high school rank, explanatory variables, data collection, and analyses Type of Data Analysis: Empirical study Major Findings: Their predictions were inaccurate. The math scores for the liberal arts were lower than predicted; the music scores were higher than predicted; the chemistry scores were lower than predicted; the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean studies scores were higher than predicted. So overall, the overall mean of the scores were higher than they were predicted to be. Name: Meghan Wells Section: 902...
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