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Chapter 8 mktg

Chapter 8 mktg - Marketing 309 Chapter 11 Good a tangible...

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Marketing 309 Chapter 11 Good – a tangible physical entity Service – An intangible result of the application of human and mechanical efforts to people or objects Idea – A concept, philosophy, image, or issue Classifying Products Consumer Products – products purchased to satisfy personal and family needs *convenience products: relatively inexpensive, frequently purchased items for which buyers exert minimal purchasing effort *shopping products: items for which buyers are willing to expend considerable effort in planning and making purchases *specialty products – item w/ unique characteristics that buyers are willing to expend considerable effort to obtain *unsought products – products purchased to solve a sudden problem, products of which customers are unaware, and products that people do not necessarily think of buying Business Products –products bought to use in an organization’s operations, to resell, or to make other products *component parts: item that become part of the physical product and are either finished
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