DE#2 POLS - Nicolas Norboge Data Essay #2 March 9, 2007...

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Nicolas Norboge March 9, 2007 POLS 209 Data Essay #2 The Significant Effects of European Socialism There has long been concern on the significance leftist party control has on the actual economic well being of all citizens it governs. Such rhetoric by labor and socialist parties promising to bring true economic equality to all its citizens is therefore analyzed further, with the intention on determining whether these parties actually deliver on their promises. This paper will further analyze the relationship between Leftist Party Control of Western Europe with the percent of Income Change by the bottom tenth of the countries’ population. Through thorough analysis of the data, I have come to the conclusion that as Leftist Party Control increases, economic equality increases as well, showing clear advantages for the poorest populations in these societies. The data used to analyze leftist party control comes from the “Comparative Political Data Set (CPDS) 1960-2000” and economic equality from the “World Bank, World Development Indicators 2002 (WDI2002).” The leftist party control is measured by taking the average percent of cabinet seats held by left wing parties minus the average held by right-wing parties during this time frame between 1960 and 1990. The variables in the data set are averaged over a 30 year time span which helps to give an accurate measure of long-term trends that take place. Economic equality, then, is measured by the total income earned by the bottom tenth of income distribution within a country. Both of these variables help to show accurate measures of countries and how their economic and political environments could show signs of correlation. They further help to accurately analyze the importance of leftist party control and to disprove or justify claims make by these leftist parties. 1
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Nicolas Norboge March 9, 2007 POLS 209 Data Essay #2 The scatter plot in Figure 1 helps to show the strong correlation between leftist party control and economic equality within Western European countries, as shown below. The graph shows that most countries fall close to the regression line, with the United
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DE#2 POLS - Nicolas Norboge Data Essay #2 March 9, 2007...

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