ENGL 203 PAPER #1 - When I begin to research our normative...

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When I begin to research our normative understanding of living, I discover a variety of ways we attempt to define it, from “rich in experience” on one spectrum to “attain eternal life” on the other, with it being obvious that as much as we want to comprehend the meaning in life, we simply cannot. With this taken into account, I want to raise some questions that arise from differences on our perception of what life might mean. Could living be simply to prolong one’s life as long as possible, holding into account the one known fact we have about life itself that we will all eventually die? Or is it something much more complex? Further, what is it that exists inside us that keeps us wanting to live? As I begin to this question, I am compelled to look deeper at what might be the real purpose toward living. In doing so, I want focus my attention primarily on this: What if you knew deep down inside that you had the ability to still desire to live after going through some of the worst tragedies ever experienced by any human being, and how would this shape the rest of your life? As I begin this study, there is one main reason why I have chosen to tackle this important topic, and as surprising as this may sound it’s not for the grade. I am writing this paper with only one goal in mind: to become more concise in using language to express my most inner deep thoughts, with the hope that I can apply logic to enhance my understanding of the universe better. In offering this disclaimer, I hope to do away with any self-imposed constraints I may apply toward my thoughts, and thus allow my words to radiate more purely my passion for philosophy. In doing so, I hope to enhance my understanding of myself, as well as be able to construct a better model to which I can maximize happiness within my life. As I embark upon my own self-discovery, it becomes 1
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increasingly apparent the importance of understanding perception and how this comes into play. My journey begins on Friday, where after extensive browsing in the rigid confines of Evans library, I couldn’t find a single literary work that would fit a topic I so passionately wanted to talk about. I browsed the philosophy section, but despite its many resources available on the subject, all it contained were theories by people who thought they understood life. How in the world can I develop my own philosophy just by looking at vague theories? I wanted some meaning!
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ENGL 203 PAPER #1 - When I begin to research our normative...

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