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Understanding Health-Related Fitness (Ch 2) 1. Differentiate between health-related and skill-related fitness. How can having good skill related fitness help improve your health-related fitness? 2. What role do the components of health-related fitness play in your life? Rank them in order of importance to you and explain the rationale you used. 3. Define cardiovascular fitness. 4. Explain the relationship between cardiovascular fitness and heart disease. 5. What are the benefits of regular aerobic exercise? List at least 5 emotional/mental benefits. 6. What inspires you to exercise or to be more active during the day? What barriers to exercise do you encounter most frequently? 7. Differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for exercising. What barriers are encountered most frequently and which type of motivation is better for long-term exercise adherence? 8. Describe the 4 key ingredients to enjoying exercise.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Describe the components of the FITT formula. List the recommendations for cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, and flexibility. 10. Karvonen Formula (page 59 of your textbook): You will need to get 3 resting heart rates on 3 different days . Complete the mathematical formula on page 59 . 11. List the components of a workout and describe the importance of each. 12. Explain the principles of overload and adaptation, specificity, individual differences, & reversibility and how they apply to fitness training. 13. Differentiate between muscular strength and endurance and explain how the training differs. 14. List the benefits of resistance training and recommendations for a safe and effective lifting workout. 15. Explain the importance of flexibility regarding athletic performance, injury prevention, and quality of life. 16. Identify safety considerations associated with exercise....
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