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Test 1 Study Guide - RICE DOMS Chapter 3 Hypokinetic...

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Study Guide for Health and Fitness Chapters 1 – 4 ***Bring Scantron 882-E and Pencil to Test*** Chapter 1 – Defining Health Define Health and Wellness Know the 7 components of Wellness Healthy behaviors – Add years to your life Define Stress – (distress and eustress) Know ways to manage stress Factors that influence personal health Healthy People 2010 Chapter 2 – Health-related Fitness Know the difference between health and skill related fitness(Components of each) Figure 2.4 on page 28 Energy systems American College of Sports Medicine Recommendations for CV training Benefits of exercise Look at the activity pyramid on page 27 FITT Formula Principle of overload and adaptation, Reversibility, Specificity Muscular Strength and endurance Weight Training: Frequency, Load, Repetition, Set, Recovery, Intensity) Define Flexibility – Types of Stretches
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Unformatted text preview: RICE DOMS Chapter 3 Hypokinetic Conditions Identify what conditions are considered to be hypokinetic CV diseases: Know type and what they are Risk factors CV diseases Difference between Atherosclerosis/arteriosclerosis Different methods of evaluating body composition Obesity, cancer, diabetes, low back pain, osteoporosis Chapter 4 Nutrition Carbs, Fats, & Proteins Know the recommended %, calories per gram, type of energy source Fiber Look at figure 4.1, Figure 4.3 know the parts Serving size Difference between fat-soluble and water-soluble H2O Healthy weight management Body Comp, Vegetarianism 4 types Diets red flags Read the food label pg.145 Eating/activity disorders development, signs, complications, and how to get help...
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Test 1 Study Guide - RICE DOMS Chapter 3 Hypokinetic...

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