CQU ENTA11007 Assignment 3

CQU ENTA11007 Assignment 3 - David McEwen S0091331 1...

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David McEwen 1 S0091331 ENTA11007 - Engineering Materials Assignment 3 In this case an age hardened beam made from an aluminium alloy was used to support an exhaust tube from an annealing furnace. Age hardening (of Precipitation Strengthening) is a heat treatment which increases the strength of the aluminium alloy by keeping it at an elevated temperature for an extended amount of time so the fine particles within the lattice of the metal enter an impurity phase and hence impede any future dislocations or defects within the metal. An annealing furnace is used to heat treat metals to affect their strength and hardness. The metal is heated to approximately 30°C above the upper critical temperature and then kept at this temperature until the metals heat is uniform. The metal is then cooled very slowly. Annealing of steels generally occurs at between 800-900°C. The aluminium alloy beam which was supporting the annealing furnace exhaust tube after a short time started to bend and eventually failed. The most likely cause of this would have been the high temperatures that it was exposed to of around 800-900°C. Aluminium has a melting point of approximately 660°C, when combined in an alloy and age hardened this melting point may have been increased but it’s highly unlikely that it would rise above the 900°C required. When aluminium is annealed it is done so at approximately 350°C, so each time the annealing furnace is in use the aluminium beam is effectively being annealed at the same time because it is being heated
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CQU ENTA11007 Assignment 3 - David McEwen S0091331 1...

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