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CQU ENTA11007 Assignment 2 - David McEwen S0091331 1...

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David McEwen 1 S0091331 ENTA11007 - Engineering Materials Assignment 2 In a scrap recycling plant there could be multiple ways to separate materials such as steel, magnesium alloys, aluminium alloys and plastics. Some possible methods are outlined below. I believe the easiest material to separate would be the polymers:- The cheapest solution to removing polymers would be manually, by simply sifting through each piece. Polymers would be easily distinguished from the 3 metals because of their light weight, smooth and “warm” feel and the look of the material. Another method to remove polymers which is also very cheap would be to place all the materials into a volume of water. Because polymers have a lower density (910kg/m 3 ) than water (1000kg/ m 3 ) they would be the only material that floats. All three metals have a density greater than water and therefore would sink to the bottom. Next to remove the steels:- It should be possible to remove steel with a magnet. Steel is ferromagnetic and is therefore attracted by magnetic fields and should be able to be separated from the magnesium and
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CQU ENTA11007 Assignment 2 - David McEwen S0091331 1...

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