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Essay for English1301 revised

Essay for English1301 revised - Hayre 1 Jesse Hayre John...

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Hayre 1 Jesse Hayre John Purcell English 1301 5 October 2006 Comparison and Contrast Essay It is a common fact that everybody uses computers. They are all around us and in virtually every home in America. They are in everything we do and they are everywhere we go. Since the massive boom of and availability of computers, there has been, essentially, the same question: which is better PC or Mac? The Personal Computer (or PC, as most people refer to them as) and the Macintosh Computer (more commonly called the Mac) are two very contrasting types of computers. First let us take a look at the history of how both got started. In 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs released the first apple computer (History of Apple computers 1). The first Macintosh was released in January of 1984, and”... it was the first affordable computer to include a Graphical User Interface.” It was built around a new and inventive chip the “...Motorola 68000 chip, which was significantly faster than previous processors, running at 8 MHz.” The Mac came in a small beige case with a black and white monitor built in. It also came with a keyboard and mouse (Rasmussen 2). After only being on the market for 74 days, the Mac had sold over 50,000 computers (Morrison 12). The PC had much more humble beginnings than the Mac. According to www.apple.com, there are 14 reasons you should choose the Macintosh over the conventional PC. The 14 reasons are: 1) “It just works“- the argument
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Hayre 2 here is that with a Mac you will not have to spend time fixing it or “troubleshooting” it like you do with a PC. 2)”You can make amazing stuff”- they claim that with a Mac you can work better with photos, music, art, etc. 3) “Design that turns heads.”- They assert
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Essay for English1301 revised - Hayre 1 Jesse Hayre John...

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