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Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics - Plate Tectonics The lithosphere is...

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Plate Tectonics The lithosphere is fragmented into 14 major tectonic plates. Plate Boundaries Divergent- 2 plates are drifting apart- old Convergent- plates coming together-new Transforming- parallel – different directions Minerals – Building blocks of rocks Physical foundation of earth and society 5. CHARACTERISTICS OF MINERAL 1.solid 2.natural 3.Crystalline 4.definite but not fixed chemical composition 5.inorganic Physical properties Crystalline structure is what causes physical props… physical props are used to identify minerals Most important prop-Color, Streak, Crystal form, luster, hardness, cleavage Other props- specific gravity, reaction to hcl, magnet, smell, taste Mineral Classification Over 3600 minerals…No more than a few dozen are abundant Divided into 2 groups…silicate and non silicate Silicate are most abundant… all have the same building blocks – silicon, oxygen, tetrahedron Luster: Metallic vs. non metallic Streak plate=6.5, glass = 5.5, nail=4.5, penny=3.5, fingernail=2.5
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