MKTG 321 Exam II Review

MKTG 321 Exam II Review - Width and depth of product mix...

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Marketing 321 Exam II Review Spring 2008 Chapter 5-Buyer Behavior Involvement Types of consumer problem-solving Steps in the consumer decision process Consideration set, cognitive dissonance Perception, perceptual processes Situational, social, and psychological influences on decision making Attitudes Reference groups Behavioral traits and purchase characteristics of different social classes Culture, subcultures Consumer Trends All Chapter 10-Target Markets and Segmentation What are markets? Requirements for a market Steps in the target market selection process Types of markets Targeting strategies Types, examples of segmentation variables Market segment profile Sales estimate, sales potential, market potential Sales forecasting techniques Chapter 11- Product Concepts Classifications of consumer products Product item, product line, product mix
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Unformatted text preview: Width and depth of product mix Product life cycle stages, marketing implications of each stage Product adoption and diffusion processes Factors influencing adoption and diffusion Chapter 12- Developing and Managing New Products Product line extensions Phases of the new product development process Product positioning New product failure Test marketing-advantages, disadvantages Chapter 13- Branding and Packaging (pp.350-362) Branding terminology- brand, brand name, brand mark Importance of branding to marketers and consumers Brand equity Degrees of brand loyalty Types of brands-advantages, disadvantages Branding Policies-advantages, disadvantages Co-branding Brand Licensing *No questions on packaging or labeling Mack McIngvale Presentation All...
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MKTG 321 Exam II Review - Width and depth of product mix...

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