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SPR 08 Exam I Review

SPR 08 Exam I Review - 3 Marketing ethics Cause-Related...

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Marketing 321 Spring 2008 Exam I Review Chapter 1- Overview 1. Marketing, Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy 2. Concept of exchange, conditions for exchange 3. Target Market 4. Marketing Concept 5. Evolution of marketing concept- production, sales, marketing orientations 6. Relationship Marketing 7. Customer relationship management 8. Concept of Value 9. Importance of Marketing Chapter 3- Environment 1. Environmental scanning, Environmental analysis 2. Types of competition 3. Types of competitive structures(market structures) 4. Buying power, components of buying power 5. Regulatory agencies and marketing activities 6. Anti-competitive vs. Consumer Protection Legislation 7. Self-Regulation 8. Technology assessment 9. Socioeconomic Changes Chapter 4- Ethics and Social Responsibility 1. Marketing Citizenship 2. Stakeholder Orientation
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Marketing ethics, Cause-Related Marketing, Strategic Philanthropy 4. Social responsibility issues- Green Marketing, Consumerism, Community Relations 5. Factors influencing the ethical decision-making progress 6. Improving ethical conduct 7. Pyramid of social responsibility Chapter 7- Global Marketing 1. Reasons for International Marketing 2. Cultural, social, ethical forces 3. Economic differences 4. Trade restrictions 5. Balance of Trade, GDP 6. Political, Legal and Technological forces 7. Intellectual Property Rights Chapter 9-Marketing Research and Information Systems 1. Purpose of Research 2. Steps in the research process 3. Types of research 4. Reliability, Validity Joe Stallard, , Alan Epler All...
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SPR 08 Exam I Review - 3 Marketing ethics Cause-Related...

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