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Anthropology Notes1

Anthropology Notes1 - future opportunities Language is a...

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Anthropology Notes Cultural Anthropology is a series of us and them. Us-Generally homogenous Them- Heterogeneous RACE Race is a common sense issue. We are all one race. We all share characteristics with our neighbors. All normal human beings have the capacity to learn all racial behavior. These qualities are products of circumstance. Nurture more than nature. How many ways can u define culture. Universal human culture is shared among all people. But in different degrees between different societies. PART 2 Methods and ETHICS Avoid harming anything, work for conservation, do not exploit. Do not misrepresent findings. Preserve
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Unformatted text preview: future opportunities. Language is a symbolic form of communication. Symbols are rules, arbitrary, vary from language to language. Communication is not uniquely human. There are 2 main forms of communication. Verbal and nonverbal Nonverbal: Body stance, facial expressions. Writing (human) Verbal: Spoken Language. Phonology: study of sound. Phonetics: The study of speech sounds in general. Phonemics: study of sounds that produce contrasts. Morphology: how sounds sound combined. Morphine’s: Words and meaningful parts in language. Syntax: Agreement of words....
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