ANTH NOTES2 - ANTH NOTES Promote harmony in the world....

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ANTH NOTES Promote harmony in the world. Defference & respect. Guests should always differ to host and one another. Confusion thoughts Ruler>subject Father>son Husband>wife Elder brother> younger Friend>friend How, where, what, you eat vary? Intra-culturation: What and how you do things. Individuals are important because they are all like other human beings, some other humans, and like no other human. All human beings share biological similarities. All members in a culture will share similarities. Agency: the degree to which people can reflect on culture, imagine alternatives, alter behavior. Individual to culture= do not assume personality development is the same. Self: the degree to which ppl see themselves as unique. Self awareness: individual to reflect on oneself. Self actualization: degree to which ppl can and are able to pursue goals. Cognition: the way you make sense out of your environment. Schemas: sections of culturally related activates and themes Prototypes: Typical objects and events to which you are most familiar. Cognate capacities: Ability to infer from your Cognition. Field dependant: ppl must know about everything inside to know outside. (forest before tree) Field independent: must know about objects before u can understand context(trees before forest)
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All cultures use both styles. Socialization: how we learn what we know. West Nile in Texas…coming from Egypt. Malaria…due to Trans Atlantic slave trade. Clearing land, irrigation, pollution, bring in new disease factors. Population booms. Everything we do has the ability to affect transmission of diseases.
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ANTH NOTES2 - ANTH NOTES Promote harmony in the world....

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