HISTORY TEST 1 - Immigration increase in immigration...

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Immigration: increase in immigration, country tripled, Immigrants who came had no citizen rights, at mercy of employers, couldn’t vote, had no political rights, poor education, there was a movement to restrict immigration, control access to citizenship, 1882 chinease immigration was 40,000 then down to 43, large immigration had a burden on housing , first immigration reforms, 50 cent tax on immigrants, poligamists and lunitics refused also convicts, 1921 first strong act to limit numbers was passed, took 1910 immigration values and only allowed only 3 percent of that to come in, then switched to 1890 and 2% up until 1880 majority was from northern Europe, 1880 to 1920 was from southern and eastern Europe. Immigrants tended to favor democratic parties, After civil war up to 1881 was republic, protestant, civil war vets, northern, included blacks, Nativism, a response againsed a growing influence. Prohibition became a strong issue Labor Henry Frick- Carnigees partner Frick was the direct manager of the homestead mill. 1892- Strike at homestead (steel) Prick lowered wages at homestead mill lead to strike 16 ppl killed. Frick closed mill when strike began, workers seized the mill, Frick brought in armed guards townspeople came out with weapons and resulted in a 12 hour battle. 4 times pinker tons tried to surrender and couldn’t. 1894- Pullman Illinois, Railroad strike, established model workers town, housing, schools, store. He reduced wages 20-40 % but maintained the rest. Caused another riot. Haymarket another riot Stimulated the growth of organized labor Knights of labor-operated and advocated child labor : skilled vs. Unskilled labor 1881 American Federation of Labor AFL focused on skilled labor: relationship between labor and owners
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HISTORY TEST 1 - Immigration increase in immigration...

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