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Food Sciences Week 2 Friday, January 25, 2008 - Check out phytochemical post!!! o One or two questions on exam I. 11 Key Nutrients (In Food Composition Tables): a. Pro (protein) b. Carb (carbohydrates) c. Fat d. Fiber e. Chol (cholesterol) f. Ca (calcium) g. K (potassium) h. Na (sodium) i. Fe (iron) j. A (vitamin A) k. C (vitamin C) II. “Servings” and “Portions” (This stuff is not really that important) a. FGP listed servings for a food group, for example, one serving from MILK group was equivalent to one cup of milk b. Food labels on products tell us what constitutes a serving size for that particular food (amount typically consumed) and reports the nutrient content for it i. Standard reference amount, does not really mean much when it comes to how much to consume c. Food composition tables do not suggest serving size, but rather, a measure of food, usually in weight (grams) followed by the nutrients found in that amount III. What is Meant by the Brix of a Beverage? a. Determining and maintaining the proper sugar content of a processed sweet
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Unformatted text preview: beverage is an important aspect of its quality . i. Too much too sweet ii. Too little not sweet enough common sense woot. b. As a solid particle in a solution, sugar (sucrose) is a part of the total soluble solids content of a beverage. i. Solution GET THE DEFINITION ii. Sucrose is a solute disperse into a solvent CHECK THIS c. Sucrose concentration is monitored in the beverage processing industry, and is measured as degrees Brix ( Brix) d. This is equal to the weight percent of sucrose in solution (grams of sucrose per 100 grams of sample ). e. In any sweetened beverage formulation using sucrose as the only sweetener, the Brix reading is directly proportional to the amount of sucrose in a solution. EXAM QUESTION. T/F f. The Brix/Acid Ration i. Ratio of sugar to acid is critical in selecting fruits to be commercially processed into juice ii. Oranges are typically harvested at 12 Brix 1. This ratio can vary according to grow region...
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