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writing #4 REVISED-1 - Government Honesty and Moral...

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Government H onesty and Moral Justification The central idea of public philosophy about honesty relates to the degree of governments’ publicity to the people . There is a controversial argument over the growing protectionism of the governments’ secrecy to strengthen national security. Accordingly, under the name of “securing the safety”, the government has increased the restriction of information that might aid “unfriendly nations to catch up with us in military potential”. 1 However, there is an unchanging truth in democracy. It has been the people to rule a democratic government and it is the people who make the final decisions. Democracy provides the freedom consisted in people’s basis rights to choose their ends for themselves. It is not a government’s right to affirm any conception of what is sought to be the best for an individual through any policies or laws; instead, it should provide a neutral framework of rights within, in which people can choose their own virtues of a good life. To do this, the government should make an effort to be honest as much as possible toward its own people. Supporters of the restriction of government information argue based upon the premise of national security. The voice for protecting national security by forcing more strict laws on disclosing information has risen up, especially after September 11th. The government and media created a myth that this terrorism happened because the enemies, terrorists, had easy access to America’s non-secret technical data and, thus, made the nation fragile. However, U.S development has been the fastest and most successful in the world; its technology and production has basically been built on the free exchange of 1 Miles Beardsley Johnson . The government secrecy controversy . New York:Vantage Press, 1967. 1
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information. The suppression and control of information is the real threat to U.S. system- mostly in economics-not fear based on what enemies may learn from U.S. sources. Therefore, it is a critical to answer the questions: How much and what kinds of
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writing #4 REVISED-1 - Government Honesty and Moral...

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