chap 8 - Quorum sensing - "sufficient numbers...

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Quorum sensing - “sufficient numbers sensing”. Regulatory networks in prokaryotes that respond to population density Mechanisms of Quorum Sensing - ensures sufficient cell numbers in a given species are present before eliciting a particular biological response - example: A pathogenic bacterium that secretes a toxin can have no effect as a single cell, production of the toxin by that cell would be a waste of resources, However if there is a sufficiently high population of cells present, the coordinated expression of the toxin may successfully initiate the disease. - Wide-spread against gram – bacteria - Each species that employs QS synthesizes a specific homoserine lactone (AHL) - The specific AHL functions as an inducer that combines with a specific activator protein to trigger transcription of specific genes. of AHL Catabolic Repression - Repression of a variety of unrelated enzymes when cells are grown in a medium containing glucose. -
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chap 8 - Quorum sensing - "sufficient numbers...

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