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Midterm 1 WST 102 Spring 07 Prof. DeLuca Please answer all of the following questions. Read each one carefully and make sure you answer all parts of each question. You will be given 4 of these questions to answer in class on 2/21, and will write your answers in a blue book provided by me. Your answers will come primarily from information provided in your Sapiro textbook and in lecture. 1a. From a global perspective, describe women’s status (relative to men) in the areas of literacy, work, and politics. (Provide two examples of each area). b. Compare how a Liberal feminist would explain gender differences in participation in the working world to how a Marxist feminist would explain these gender differences. Then, discuss how each would suggest that this situation could be improved. 2. a. Describe three major milestones in American women gaining access to education from the early 1800’s to the present. b. Describe three strategies or attributes of successful women in science, math, or
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Unformatted text preview: engineering. 3. Define and give an example of the following terms: androgyny, benevolent sexism, gender schemas, and gender stereotype. 4. As described in lecture, discuss 4 major goals that feminists are committed to achieving. 5. Briefly describe and compare how Psychoanalytic (Freudian) Theory and Social Learning Theory attempt to explain differences between women and men. 6. a. Explain why Black Feminist Theory was developed. b. Discuss the weaknesses of the “race-sex” analogy in explaining Black women’s status and experience. c. Explain what is meant by “triple jeopardy” when describing the status of Black Women. 7. Based on your textbook and lecture, describe how Social Darwinism/Evolutionary Theory attempts to explain the differences between men and women. Discuss three ways this theory has been criticized by feminists....
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