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at - PepsiCo acquired healthier beverage and food companies...

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1Name: Evan D’Agostino Section: 7 Company: PepsiCo inc. Date Submitted: November 28, 2006 PepsiCo to buy Naked Juice to compete with Coca-Cola PepsiCo Inc. the world's second largest soft drink supplier has recently agreed to buy Naked Juice Co. A company that makes approximately 25 different vitamin drinks stationed in Azusa, Californa. Pepsico agreed to purchase this large Vitamin company for a estimated $450 million from North Castle Partners, a private-equity firm based in Greenwich Connecticut in order to expand sales of natural juice drinks and compete with Coca-Cola Co.'s Odwalla brand.
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Unformatted text preview: PepsiCo acquired healthier beverage and food companies including Izze and Stacy's Pita Chips in the past year to lure drinkers for avoid sugary sodas. Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi is adding Naked Juice to try to win consumers from Odwalla juices and smoothies, which Coca-Cola bought in 2001. PepsiCo's sales have risen an average of 5 percent over the past five years on demand for noncarbonated beverages such as Gatorade and Tropicana, compared with a 3 percent average increase for Coca-Cola, which depends on soda for 80 percent of its sales....
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