Computer Science 152 - Spring 1997 - Jeong - Midterm 2

Computer Science 152 - Spring 1997 - Jeong - Midterm 2 -...

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CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering Computer Science Division Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California, Berkeley Sp97 D.K. Jeong Midterm #2 Solutions April 23, 1997 Name Key SID Number You may bring one double-sided note. You have 170 minutes. Write your name on this cover and also at the top left of each page. The point value of each question is indicated in the bracket. Make sure to show your interim results to receive at least partial credit. Problem Possible Score 11 5 22 5 32 0 43 0 Total 90
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Name: Question 1. [15 pts] (General) (a) You are going to add a few new instructions to an existing ISA. How will you make old machines be able to run new codes? Modify the exception handler in the old machine so that the handler, on unimplemented instruction exceptions on new instructions, emulates the behavior of the new instructions. (b) Explain why a direct-mapped TLB is a bad idea. Since one TLB entry is allocated for one page, unlike a cache where a cache entry is in blocks, locality of reference is expected to be a lot less. Furthermore, for small programs, the TLB index tends to be concentrated in all 0’s, differing only in address tags - MSB’s are used for segments such as data, heap, stack… Ping-pong effect will be significant. (c) What are the particular characteristics of multimedia IOs compared to conventional IOs such as disk or mouse? High bandwidth is required for video. Isochronous data transfer or guaranteed bandwidth is required for real-time applications. Synchronization among different IOs such as video and audio may be required.
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Computer Science 152 - Spring 1997 - Jeong - Midterm 2 -...

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