Computer Science 61B - Fall 1994 - Clancy - Final

Computer Science 61B - Fall 1994 - Clancy - Final - CS 61B,...

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CS 61B, Final, Fall 1994 CS 61B, Fall 1994 Final Professor Yelick Problem 1. (15 points) For each of the following, fill in the blank with the appropriate phrase that corresponds to the description. All correct answers have between one and three words. Each is worth 1 point. 1. Write your name and login at the top of every page in this exam. 2. A small piece of code that "fakes" a procedure and is used to test higher level procedures. 3. This type of C++ function is used to specify an interface to be used by all derived classes. The iterator class from Budd contains these. (The correct answer is 3 words.) 4. This representation of an undirected graph is best if we are interested in finding whether or not a vertex is isolated, .e. is not connected to any otehr vertices. 5. What function, besides quicksort, uses a partition function? 6. You are asked to sort 10,000 integers that are evenly distributed between 0 and 1000. Which sorting algorithm is best? 7. This kind of matrix is typically represented using same data structures as those used in an edge list representation of a graph. 8. This representation of a queue is best for large queues in a system in which new and delete are very expensive. 9. What is minimum number of keys for a non-root node in a B-tree of order k, where k is even? 10. Give another name for an undirected graph in which there is a single path from every vertex to every other vertex. 11. A storage allocator may not be able to find a large enough block for allocation, even though there is plenty of unused storage. What causes this? 12. Scheme does not have a new and delete operations (or anything like them) because it does this. 13.
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Computer Science 61B - Fall 1994 - Clancy - Final - CS 61B,...

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