Computer Science 186 - Fall 1998 - Hellerstein - Midterm 1

Computer Science 186 - Fall 1998 - Hellerstein - Midterm 1...

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CS 186, Midterm #1 Fall 1998 Name_________________________________ Section You Usually Attend________________ UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA College of Engineering Department of EECS, Computer Science Division Midterm Exam: Introduction to Database Systems This exam has four problems, each worth 25 points. There is also 10 points of extra credit available. Each problem is made up of multiple questions. You should read through the exam quickly and plan your time-management accordingly. Before beginning to answer a question, be sure to read it carefully and to answer all parts of every question! You must write your answers on the answer sheets provided. You may use the sheets with questions as scratch paper. You also must write your name at the top of every page , and you must turn in all the pages of the exam. Do not remove pages from the stapled exam! Two pages of extra answer space have been provided at the back in case you run out of space while answering. If you run out of space, be sure to make a "forward reference" to the page number where your answer continues. Good luck! 1. Sorting [25 points] To receive full credit for this problem you must write down relevant formulas and show your work. We are trying to sort a file containing 250,000 blocks with only 250 buffers available in the buffer pool for sorting. The file contains fixed length tuples. a) [5 points] How many initial runs will be generated if quicksort is used to sort tuples in memory? b) [5 points] How many total I/O will the sort perform, including the cost of writing out the output? In the following questions, assume that the average time to locate a random block (seek and rotational
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Computer Science 186 - Fall 1998 - Hellerstein - Midterm 1...

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