Computer Science 186 - Fall 1999 - Hawthorn - Midterm 1

Computer Science 186 - Fall 1999 - Hawthorn - Midterm 1 -...

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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Department of EECS, Computer Science Division CS186 Midterm I Oct 5, 1999 NOTE: THIS IS THE EXAM THAT WAS GIVEN IN THE FALL 1999 SEMESTER. IT IS PROVIDED FOR YOUR STUDYING PURPOSES --- WE EXPECT THAT OUR EXAM WILL BE SIMILAR IN STYLE, BUT WE MAKE NO GUARANTEES IN THAT REGARD. USE THIS SIMPLY A STUDY AID. Midterm Exam: Introduction to Database Systems This exam has five problems. Each problem is made up of multiple questions. You should read through the exam quickly and plan your time-management accordingly. Before beginning to answer a question, be sure to read it carefully and to answer all parts of every question! REFERENCE DATABASE . This is the Reference Database referred to in this exam. There are four tables. SALESPERSON contains the names, ids, regions & quotas for the salespeople. Ids are unique, names are not, and there is only one salesperson per region. PRODUCTS contains the product names, product ids, and prices for the products. The product ids are unique. SALESPERSON Sname Sid Region Quota Frances 25 TX $100 Bob 31 CA $150 Frances 74 MA $200 Mary 89 FL $250 CUSTOMERS contains the customer names, customer ids, and regions for the customers (customer ids are unique), and ORDERS contains the customer id, the product id, and the product ordered per customer. CUSTOMERS Cname Cid Region Bob 1 TX Harry 2 TX Lin 3 MA Martha 4 FL Lin 5 FL Leyla 6 CA ORDERS Cid Pid Quantity 1 152 1 2 152 1 4 831 1 4 131 1 5 255 1 6 831 1 PRODUCTS Pname Pid Pprice disks 131 $100 pcs 152 $700 macs 831 $800 printers 255 $120 paper 221 $5
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Name________________________________________________ CS186 Oct 5 Midterm Page 2 Section You Usually Attend ______________________________Login_________________________ 1. Relational Model and ER Model (20 points). a. (2 points) Using the Reference Database as an example, give an example of data independence contrasting the use of a file system to store the information in the SALESPERSON table with the use of a relational database to store the same information. b.
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Computer Science 186 - Fall 1999 - Hawthorn - Midterm 1 -...

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