Computer Science 186 - Spring 1996 - Wang - Midterm

Computer Science 186 - Spring 1996 - Wang - Midterm -...

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<CS 186, Midterm#1, Spring 1996> file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Jason%20Raftery/Desktop/R. .. 1 of 4 5/12/2006 8:27 PM CS 186 , Spring 1996 Midterm#1 (2/8/96) There are 7 questions to this exam. All count equally. Each question is worth 6 points. Queries expressed in relational algebra and relational calculus must follow the syntax used in class. Queries expressed in SQL must follow the syntaxused in class or in the Sybase Manual. All SQL queriesshould contain NO duplicates in their outputs. It is not necessary to short the outputs in any order. For each of the mutiple choice questions, you should choose ONLY ONE answer. If you choose more than one answer or the wrong answer, you will lose more points than if you do not answer the question. For example, fore question(1), you will receive all 6 pointes if you choose the correct answer, 0 points if you choose no answer, and -2 points if you choose mutiple answers or the wrong answer. Problem #1 Consider the database schema used in HW #2: DEPT(dname,location) EMP PROJECT(pname,budget,manager) JOBS(emp_no,pname) This database stores the current research projects at UC Berkeley. People from different depart- ments works together on projects. Each project has a unique name and one manager. It is possible that an employee is working on or managing multiple projects. We assume that every employee has a unique emp_no. Employee names are also unique. The manager field of PROJECT stores the emp_no(not the name) of project managers. There are three options in enforcing referential integrity: reject, cascade, and nullify. Suppose an
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Computer Science 186 - Spring 1996 - Wang - Midterm -...

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