Computer Science 188 - Fall 1992 - Russell - Midterm 2

Computer Science 188 - Fall 1992 - Russell - Midterm 2 -...

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<!--cs188, exam #2, fall/1992 -----> CS 188 Intro to AI Fall 1992 Stuart Russel Midterm 2 You have 1 hr 20 min. The exam is epen-book, open-notes. You will not necessarily finish all questions, so do your best ones first. Write your answers in blue books. Hand them all in. 80 points total (1 point per minute). Panic not. 1. (15 pts.) Definitions Provide brief, precise definitions of the following: (a) Completeness (of an inference procedure): an inference procedure is complete iff all logical entailments of a given theory can be proved by the procedure. (b) Validity ( of a sentence ): a sentence is valid iff it is true in all possible worlds under all interpretations. (c) Agent: a physical object that can be analysed as having perceptions and producing actions. (d) Procedural attachment a method for connecting a non-logical solution mechanism to specific types of goals and assertions in order to speed up theorem-proving or generate side-effects. (e) Heuristic search any search mechanism employing domain-specific information to guide the search process (usually, information about the estimated quality of partial solutions). 2. (22+3 pts.) Search (a) (3) Termination condition: when the two open lists have a non-empty intersection of states - remember that the open lists usually contain nodes, which may differ on aspects othere than the state; if the lists just contain states, then there is no way to get two different paths from the common state! Once there is some intersection, it only disappears again if the stae in common is expanded by one of the two file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Jason%20Rafte. ..-%20Fall%201992%20-%20Russell%20-%20Midterm%202.htm (1 of 4)1/27/2007 5:42:28 PM
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<!--cs188, exam #2, fall/1992 -----> searches. Hence we can get away with checking if the node being expanded is on the othere list.
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Computer Science 188 - Fall 1992 - Russell - Midterm 2 -...

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