Computer Science 188 - Fall 1997 - Russell - Final Exam

What type of ambiguity is causing this multiplicity d

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Unformatted text preview: ? What type of ambiguity is causing this multiplicity? (d) (4) In English, one can say \either A or B or C or D : : :" whereas nested constructions such as \either either A or B or C" and \either A or either B or C" are not usually allowed. Show how to replace the rule \S !either S or S" by one or more new rules to re ect this. 7. (19 pts.) Probabilistic inference Consider the belief networks shown in the following gure, where S = Smoking, L = LungCancer, C = Cough, B = BiopsyTest. (BiopsyTest is true i the test result is positive for cancer.) All variables are Boolean, none of the CPTs are deterministic, and the population consists only 60-year-olds who are non-smokers or who have smoked for the last 40 years. S L L B (i) (ii) S B C C B C L S (iii) (a) (3) Multiple choice: Which of the networks are correct, given current medica...
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