Computer Science 188 - Fall 1997 - Russell - Midterm 1

1 5 22 pts game playing a 6 the following diagram

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Unformatted text preview: ate. 1 5. (22 pts.) Game-playing (a) (6) The following diagram shows a game tree with chance nodes and evaluations at the leaves. Copy the diagram and ll in the values of all internal nodes including the root, and indicate the best move at the root. 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 6 8 4 7 -2 -10 6. (20 pts.) Planning (b) (10) In this question we will consider a version of alpha{beta for game trees with chance nodes. Pruning in such trees is possible if there are known bounds on the values of leaf nodes. Suppose the tree above is evaluated in a left-to-right order, and that all leaf values fall in the range +10,{10]. Explain in words how these bounds might enable some leaf nodes to be pruned. On your diagram, circle those leaves that need not be evaluated. (c) (6) Consider a deterministic game where the two players are not necessarily competing|each simply tries to maximize his or her own utility. For any...
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