Computer Science 188 - Fall 1997 - Russell - Midterm 1

Computer science 188 fall 1997 russell midterm 1

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Unformatted text preview: CS 188 Fall 1997 Introduction to AI Stuart Russell Midterm You have 1 hour and 20 minutes. The exam is open-book, open-notes. 100 points total. You will not necessarily nish all questions, so do your best ones rst. Write your answers in blue books. Check you haven't skipped any by accident. Hand them all in. Panic not. 1. (18 pts.) True/False 2. (12 pts.) Knowledge representation and inference Decide if each of the following is true or false. If you are not sure you may wish to provide a brief explanation to follow your answer. (a) (3) It is possible to build a knowledge-based agent that is a pure re ex agent. (b) (3) Breadth- rst search is complete if the state space has in nite depth but nite branching factor. (c) (3) Assume that a king can move one square in any direction on a chessboard (8 directions in all). Manha...
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