Computer Science 188 - Fall 1997 - Russell - Midterm 1

For any given terminal node the utilities for each

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Unformatted text preview: given terminal node, the utilities for each player are not necessarily related. (This is not the case in \standard" games, where, for example, if one player wins the other must lose.) Is it still possible to prune any nodes using (some version of) alpha{beta? If so, show a simple example tree that could be pruned if not, explain precisely why not. Hint: in this type of game, there can be leaves that make both players happy.] Examine the following incomplete partial plan carefully. The goal is to have a sheep and a goat. The GetGoat operator exchanges a sheep for a goat. The ASM (Automated Sheep Machine) operator yields a sheep if you have an ASM card. (For obvious reasons, one can only carry one sheep in one's wallet, so trying to get more than one sheep is a fruitless operation.) Have(S) GetGoat Have(G) ~Have(S) Have(G) Have(S) Have(C) Start Have(C) Finish ASM Have(S) (a) (b) (c) (d) (3) Which conditions are open? (4) List all clobberings in the plan, giving both the clobbering step and the link being clobbered. (4) State which temporal orderings must be added to eliminate the clobberings. (6) Add causal link(s), step(s), and temporal ordering(s) to the plan in order to complete it. Draw the resulting plan. (e) (3) Suppose you are executing the resulting plan. What sentences must be true just prior to executing the GetGoat operator in order for the plan to reach the goal? 2...
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