Computer Science 188 - Fall 1997 - Russell - Midterm 1

Manhattan distance is then an admissible heuristic

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Unformatted text preview: ttan distance is then an admissible heuristic for the problem of moving the king from square A to square B. (d) (3) It is possible to write an exact evaluation function for chess. (e) (3) (P ^ :R) ) (Q ) R) can be converted into a Horn clause. (f) (3) 8x P (x)] _ 8x :P (x)] is a valid sentence. Translate each of the following English sentences into the language of standard rst-order logic, including quanti ers. Use the predicates French(x), Chilean(x), Wine(x), >, and the functions Price(x) and Quality(x). (a) (6) \All French wines cost more than all Chilean wines." (b) (6) \The best Chilean wine is better than some French wines." (a) (3) Explain how to use resolution to show that a given sentence in rst-order logic is true in all models. (b) (4) Can resolution be used in all cases to show that a rst-order sentence is true in at least one...
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