Computer Science 188 - Fall 1997 - Russell - Midterm 1

Computer Science 188 Fall 1997 Russell Midterm 1

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Unformatted text preview: model? (c) (8) Show that the sentences 8x 8y P (x y)] ) Q(x) and 8x 9y P (x y) ) Q(x)] are logically equivalent by converting each into CNF. Show each step in the process. (d) (3) Give interpretations for the predicates P and Q such that the sentence in part (c) is (more or less) true in the real world. 3. (18 pts.) Logical Inference 4. (10 pts.) Situation calculus Consider the following STRIPS operator, which describes the assignment operation from register y into register x (i.e., x y). Op(Action:Assign(x y) Precond: V alue(x v1 ) ^ V alue(y v2 ) ^ Register(x) ^ Register(y) Effect:V alue(x v2) ^ :V alue(x v1)) translate this information into situation calculus, EITHER as successor state axiom(s) OR as e ect axioms plus frame axioms. You can assume that V alue is the only situation-dependent predic...
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