Computer Science 188 - Fall 2000 - Wilensky - Midterm 1

Computer Science 188 - Fall 2000 - Wilensky - Midterm 1 -...

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CS188 Fall 2000 Solutions to Midterm Problem 1 a) Two answers accepted: (The problem was more ambiguous than we intended.) TRUE – without local maxima, hillclimbing will converge on the global maximum solution. FALSE – it may still encounter a plateau or ridge that may impede it from finding the global maximum. b) FALSE – IDS and BFS run in asymptotically the same time. c) FALSE – Resolution is complete for FOPC. –1 point if resolution was not specifically mentioned. d) FALSE – depends on the definitions of Mother, Parent, and Female in the knowledge base. –1 point if the fact that instantiating the predicated with the smaller number of objects that make it true in the KB (NOT necessarily the number of parameters) will result in more efficient backward chaining. e) TRUE – without the upward solution property, there may exist a primitive plan that solves the problem that does not have a corresponding abstract plan, so an abstract planner may fail to find a solution. f) FALSE – heuristic is not admissible because it overestimates the diagonal distance. –2 points if no mention of overestimation is present. Just because the moves are diagonal and the heuristic only uses horizontal and vertical moves does not affect admissibility. g) TRUE – Resolution can proved any valid sentence that is entailed by a knowledge base. It can not prove that a sentence is satisfiable under some set of models but not all. Also given full credit: FALSE – resolution cannot handle equality so there are some sentences it cannot prove. Correct TRUE or FALSE answers without explanations were given one point. Incorrect TRUE or FALSE answers were given partial credit (1-2 points) if the explanation indicated that you understood the problem fully but didn ’t put the correct T/F (there were very few cases like this).
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Problem 2 A1) A B C D E F G H I J K – very little partial credit given A2) A B C D E F J – we must be sure to hillclimb using g() + h(). One point given for
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Computer Science 188 - Fall 2000 - Wilensky - Midterm 1 -...

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