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03/18/08                                   Debate Project Debate Format Opening statements: define question, general description of position Presentation of evidence: each side will take turns presenting specific findings Rebuttal: questions/comments between groups Audience questions/comments Debate Team Meeting Each person will briefly present their research paper(s) to the group. Tell the  group why it is strong evidence in favor of your position Determine the strongest arguments in favor of your position (i.e. should some 
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Unformatted text preview: lines be accepted and others rejected?) Determine what each team member will present (i.e. opening statement, evidence presentation, rebuttal experts) Topic Teams: Intelligence- Nature (Matt, Rick, Justin) vs. Nurture (Amanda, ME, Alan) Dreams- Meaning (Amanda, Katherine, Carson) vs. No Meaning (Travis, Tulio) Mate Selection- Nature (Nathan, Catherine, Dawn, Amber) vs. Nurture (Meredith, Stacy, Michael, Travis)...
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