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gov midterm1 review - Political Science 206 Texas A&M...

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Political Science 206 Midterm Review I You should be comfortable with the following terms and concepts. Keep in mind that these are just some – but by no means all – of the more important topics we’ve covered in lecture & the readings: What is politics? What are institutions? How can government resolve conflict? Basic forms of government? Autocracy-single ruler (ex monarchy) Oligarchy-led by group of educated, elite, or very rich people (ex. Military rule by generals Democracy-for the people (ex. Democratic republic aka America) Core democratic values? Popular Sovereignty, Political Freedom, Political Equality, Majority Rule Pluralism Political power distributed among a wide number of groups Public vs. private goods o Definitions of Public good-benefit provided to everyone o Examples of Public – air Private - house o Why government? Collective action problems o Definitions of Easy for something that a lot of people doing a little work can achieve, but because everyone wants to enjoy it they don’t want to work so it don’t happen o Examples of pollution Declaration of Independence o What are its theoretical foundations? John Locke-unalienable rights (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) Hobbes-give up unalienable rights to gain social rights Articles of Confederation o What were they? Original national gov plan drafted at end of 2 nd continental congress o What were its major features? Limited national legislature, no nat’l exec, most power to states, no nat’l taxing, no nat’l trade regulation, unanimous state consent for amendments o Why did it break down? Lack of national power ^^^^^ Who were the Federalists/Anti-Federalists?
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o What did they stand for? Fed-pro constitution, pro strong fed government Anti- pro state power, feared strong national governement Constitution o What events precipitated the Constitutional convention? Shay’s rebellion, no-one showed up to Anapolis convention
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gov midterm1 review - Political Science 206 Texas A&M...

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