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Enzymes-Protein Catalysts-Exercise 4 Review Sheet Electromagnetic radiation What is electromagnetic radiation? What is wavelength ( λ )? How is this concept related to color? What is amplitude? What does this have to do with light intensity? What is visible light? What does it mean when we say that light is diffracted? What is the difference between transmitted and reflected light? How is this concept related to the colors that your eyes see? Spectrophotometers What is a spectrophotometer? How does it work? What is the relationship between concentration and absorbance readings? What conditions can lead to a high absorbance reading? A higher concentration will lead to a higher or lower absorbance reading? What is transmittance? What is absorbance? How are transmittance and absorbance related? What is a blank? Why do we use blanks? Enzymes What is an enzyme? What does catalyze mean? Why are enzymes so important? Are enzymes consumed in the reaction process?
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