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BUS-F303: INTERMEDIATE INVESTMENTS Spring 2018 Wenyu Wang SYLLABUS Office: HH6153 Class Location: HH3000 Final Exam: TBA Office Hours: Thursday 3:00 4:30 PM Email: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION Welcome to Intermediate Investments , your first step into a future investment career! There are two major goals for this course: 1. Understand the structure of modern investment industry and its role in the economy; 2. Master important statistical skills that are currently used in real world investment research. In detail, we will first get a satellite view of the investment business. Then we are going to cover three categories of investment instruments: Equity, Debt, and Derivatives. Along the way we will get hands on several useful statistical/econometric methods and learn from the real financial market. The knowledge and skills covered in this course will help you in both professional career and further study in graduate school. RECOMMENDED TEXTBOOK The only recommended textbook is “ Essentials of Investments” by Bodie, Kane and Marcus, 9 th edition (or more recent). It is an excellent intermediate level textbook for learning investment. It also provides materials related to the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) tests. Therefore, you may consider it as a good investment not only for this course, but also for your future career in finance. The book is not required though, as we will have our own lecture notes (developed from this textbook). CLASS PARTICIPATION Class participation is required. Throughout the semester, I will call around 3-5 students per class. You might be asked to comment on the investment recommendation, answer lecture note questions, or help us summarize and review contents learned from the last lecture. On average, you will be called 3 times during the semester. In a given class, your chances of being cold called are around 10-15%. I will grade each answer from 0 to 5 and your class participation will be based on the average grade of your answers. You get zero if you are called and you are not in the classroom. If you plan to miss the class, email me before the class and I can take you off the cold call list. You can at most do this 2 times. After you miss 2 classes, you will be always on the cold call list. Throughout the semester, you can also earn your participation grade by volunteering to answer questions in class.
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