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Chapter 1-5 -From the first five chapters, we know that Jim is observant, matter-of-fact -Cather doesn’t want to focus on the trauma, she wants to focus on Jim starting over in a new place, with new people and observing everything -Big theme: the immigrant experience -Lots of nature descriptions Chapter 6-13 -Peter and Pavel are only there for a short period of time oThere to show diversity and also are friends to Mr. Shimerda Mr. Shimerda feels like he belongs finally -Once Pavel dies and Peter leaves, Mr. Shimerda changes oThen, he doesn’t play music anymore -Mr. Shimerda is struggling to fit in, represents fall of the American dream oAntonia: my dad is sick -Antonia is condescending but once Jim kills the snake, she is impressed and they have an equal relationship oJim teachers her English Overall structure -Huck has normal plot with two climaxes: deciding to rip up letter and Jim getting recaptured/Tom getting shot -My Ántoniais more episodic: no sense of building to one climatic moment oMore like real life
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