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Great Diseases of the World Sample Essay Question

Great Diseases of the World Sample Essay Question -...

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What was the rationale for people to associate those suffering from TB with vampirism? (5 pts) During the Industrial Revolution (~1700-1800), tuberculosis was more commonly thought of as vampirism. The rationale behind this believe was based on: 1) When one member of a family died from it, the other members that were infected would lose their health slowly. People believed that the cause of this was the original victim draining the life from the other family members. 2) Furthermore, people who had TB
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Unformatted text preview: exhibited symptoms similar to what people considered to be vampire traits, i.e., people with TB often had symptoms such as red, swollen eyes (which also creates a sensitivity to bright light). 3) TB patients had pale skin and coughing blood (which people often thought needed to be replenished, so they figured the only way for the afflicted to get blood back was by sucking blood....
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