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Solution Recipes for Cultures Medium : MEM,Gibco 51200-020 (no phenol Red) FOR 500 ml -2.5 g Glucose -100mg NaHCO3 -50mg Transferrin, Calbiochem 61640 (in freezer) Plating Medium: add per 100 ml of MEM medium ( make 500ml ) -10% FBS monthly -1ml .2M L-Glutamine solution (in freezer) -200ul Insulin solution or 2.5 mg Insulin (in freezer) Growth Medium : add per 100 ml of MEM medium (make 1L-SPLIT IN HALF) -5% FBS Bi-monthly -.25 ml .2 L-Glutamine solution (in freezer) -2 ml of B-27 supplement Gibco 17504-010 (in freezer) -in 4ARAC batch add Cytosine Arabinoside, Sigma C6645
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Unformatted text preview: -100ul for 4uM final concentration-50ul for 2uM final concentration Hanks Salt Solution: per 1L-Hanks w/o Ca or Mg, Sigma H2387-350 mg NaHCO3-.238g -1mM Hepes to stabilize PH-pH to 7.3-7.4 w/ NaOH Hanks w/20% FBS : for 500ml add 100ml of FBS aliquots Dissociation Solution :-Hanks Salt Solution + 12 mM-12mM MgSO4 (7H2O) (.295g/100ml) Digestion Solution:-137mM NaCl .8g/100ml-5mM KCL .037g/100ml-7mM Na2HPO4 .099g/100ml-25 mM HEPES .6g/100 pH 7.2 w/NaOH Matrigel : Dilute 1:50 in sterile medium of choice, store @4C....
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