test #3 - 1. Teapot Dome - The Naval strategic oil reserve...

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1. Teapot Dome - The Naval strategic oil reserve at Elk Hills, also known as "Teapot Dome" was taken out of the Navy's control and placed in the hands of the Department of the Interior, which leased the land to oil companies. Several Cabinet members received huge payments as bribes. Due to the investigation, Daugherty, Denky, and Fall were forced to resign Sig. Represents some of the deplorable appointments of Hoover. 2. Henry Ford – Induced the moving assembly line. Introduced higher wages and benefits within his factory. Sig. It led to faster, cheaper, and more efficient car production. 3. Volstead Act of 1919 – implemented the 18 th amendment, by declaring illegal any beverage containing .5% alcohol and establishing a prohibition bureau for enforcing the law. Sig. It was a result of the prohibition movement. 4. Prohibition – movement against alcohol. Even though it had existed as far back as the Gilded age and the progressive era, it gained popularity during WWI, because they used the fact that alcohol was using the needed grain, and most brewers were Germans to convince the public. Sig. It leads to many to the passing of the 18 th amendment. 5. The “Red Scare” – a series of bombings in the houses of public figures. Most of the bombings were blamed on radical immigrants, and the matter was made worse with the bombing of the home of attorney general Palmer. Sig. It led to many anti-foreign feelings. 6. Johnson-Immigration Act of 1924 – In the beginning it lowered the percentage from 3 to 2% But in 1929 the changed it so only 150,000 immigrants could come annually, with a proportional number to those in the 1920 census. . It favored the Northern and Western countries, and not the South and Eastern countries. Sig. 1 st permanent immigration restriction act. 7. William Simmons – Atlanta preacher who decided to reestablish the Klan. He was inspired by the Clansman and the The Birth of a Nation . This new Klan didn’t just focus on blacks, but on immigrants as well. They thought of themselves as guardians of morality. They were later brought down by newspaper and the groups own hypocrisy. Sig. It represents Old America in its extreme. 8. Scopes Trial – he was arrested for violating the Butler Law, and teaching Darwin’s Evolutionary theories in school. He was found guilty, but his verdict was thrown out by the Supreme Court on the case of technicality. Sig. His trial represents one of the major clashes between Old and New America. 9. Great Depression – Economic crisis that started right after Hoover was elected president. It began with the stock market crash, but other factors such as market instability, devastation of the international trades as a result of WWI were also major causes. Sig. It caused many hardships in the lives of Americans, and it caused for many to turn their political affiliations to Democrats, since the Republicans were blamed for it. 10.
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test #3 - 1. Teapot Dome - The Naval strategic oil reserve...

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